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Supreme Court Rules Against FCC, Net Neutrality Not a good day for net neutrality... A federal court threw the future of Internet regulations into doubt Tuesday with a far-reaching decision that went against the Federal...

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The Fog Machine has Arrived My Chauvet Hurricane 1300 arrived today. First thing's first--immediately unpack it, add some fog juice, and play! [caption id="attachment_81" align="aligncenter" width="225"...

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Realestate Manager 2.0 Picture Preview Since Real Estate Manager 2.0 is now almost ready for release, I figured I would share the differences between the current version (1.1) and 2.0. To start things off, the...

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Automotive Manager Photo Update It's been less than 2 months since I started on Automotive Manager. In that time, I've taken the thing from next to nothing to an almost complete product. I'm not sure how...

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The New GreeneCountyIndiana.com Since about March I have been working (rather slowly) on a new content management system for GreeneCountyIndiana.com. Along with it comes a new layout and many new features. The...

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Chuck’s Blog Rss A scary bee!!!

Merry Christmas!

Posted on : 25-12-2007 | By : Chuck | In : Uncategorized


I hope everyone has/had/is having a great Christmas!

Christmas Light Show has Started

Posted on : 09-12-2007 | By : Chuck | In : Uncategorized


I kicked off my now annual Christmas light show this past Friday. Aside from some rain and last minute modifications everything ran smoothly. If it ever stops raining here I will try to get outside with a camera and get some pictures to show off.

The music will run daily from 6:00-10:00 Sunday through Thursday and from 6:00-11:00 Friday and Saturday. (I have neighbors that enjoy being able to sleep and some of them have to get up for school in the morning)

I plan to videotape the show at some point, probably near the end of it when everything is more polished.


Posted on : 05-11-2007 | By : Chuck | In : Uncategorized


Hi. I’m Charles “Chuck” Garwood. I am from Linton Indiana. As of right now if you are reading this you probably already know that.

Anyway, I tried a blog once before but i never kept it updated. Now I have this domain name sitting here unused, so i figured hey why not try this whole ‘blogging’ thing again.

Most of this will be related to either programming/website design/system administration (computer geek stuff), or Christmas Lights. There will also be other random things posted, but those 2 subjects will make up the bulk of it.

Check back if you want, although as of right now I can’t make any promises that I will keep it updated.