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Complex Associations and Access Control

Posted on : 12-04-2009 | By : Chuck | In : Uncategorized


Decided to get back to work some on the new Content Management System for GreeneCountyIndiana.com. Last time I left off, I was in the process of implementing access control with the News system.

The news system (and lots of other parts of the site) are composed of a variety of associations.

  • News belongsTo NewsCategory
  • News HABTM Tag
  • NewsCategory is an ACO

Access is controlled at the NewsCategory level. You must have read access to the NewsCategory to view the articles in that category. This is easy if you simply want to view articles by category. However, it gets considerably more complicated if you want to browse-by-tag or other criteria.

How in the world can you do a permissions check without requiring an extra query for every single article?

It also doesn’t help that pagination is used, so most means of removing records the user doesn’t have access at the controller level will screw up pagination. In theory you could have empty pages if a user had very limited read access.

Man, access control is complicated.

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