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Realestate Manager 2.0 Picture Preview Since Real Estate Manager 2.0 is now almost ready for release, I figured I would share the differences between the current version (1.1) and 2.0. To start things off, the...

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Automotive Manager Photo Update It's been less than 2 months since I started on Automotive Manager. In that time, I've taken the thing from next to nothing to an almost complete product. I'm not sure how...

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The New GreeneCountyIndiana.com Since about March I have been working (rather slowly) on a new content management system for GreeneCountyIndiana.com. Along with it comes a new layout and many new features. The...

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The Past Week..

Posted on : 09-06-2009 | By : Chuck | In : Uncategorized


A week from today I woke up having pains in my lower abdominal area.. right around the place your appendix is. After not having any appetite what-so-ever and the pain persisting¬† through the afternoon, I decided to have it checked out, thinking it could be appendicitis. Cue two hospital visits on monday, visiting my doctor on wednesday, and getting a CT scan thursday. Turns out it wasn’t my appendix, but something’s up with my small intestine. Wonderful. I have to go see a specialist on the 18th.

I started my online classes to finish my Network Administration major at the beginning of the month. Hopefully the workload won’t be *too* bad when I start getting into them more.

In other news, New Deal Multimedia has a number of new sites we are preparing to release in the next few weeks. I can’t say any specifics, but be checking our portfolio occasionally.

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