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Office Space

Posted on : 09-06-2010 | By : Chuck | In : New Deal Multimedia


Anyone who follows New Deal Multimedia on Facebook will have known about this for quite some time. Around the end of March, Kegan and I signed a lease on a downtown storefront and office space for our business. We spent the entire month of April remodeling and repainting the building. The first couple weeks of May involved moving in, and we finally held our Grand Opening ceremony on May 22.

It has certainly been quite the experience getting everything ready and finally opening the doors for the first time. Since opening, our business has increased and we have been able to meet many new people. It also helps being “stuck” here all day–there are less distractions than when you work at home. (The lack of satellite or cable tv probably helps some too!).

Those of you interested in remodeling pictures, check out our Facebook page.

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